Verifying the Success of SSL/TLS Negotiation


Verifying the Success of SSL/TLS Negotiation

Both HostExplorer and the server must agree on the encryption and decryption algorithm that they will use to exchange data. If the SSL/TLS negotiation succeeds, then the connection to the server is secure. If the negotiation fails, the connection to the server is not secure and may fail. In this case, you should disconnect from the server.

  The way in which the server reacts when the negotiation fails depends on the server configuration. Usually, servers are configured to close the connection if the negotiation fails. However, it is possible on UNIX systems to drop down to an unsecured connection.

HostExplorer provides the following features that can be used to help you verify your secure connection status:

  • Disconnecting if the SSL/TLS negotiation fails
  • Session window title identifiers
  • Lock icon in the status line

The next three Help topics describe how to determine if the connection is secure.

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