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Final Fantasy 9 general
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Fivefeet8 and Rargh typed up a FAQ containing all kind of problems people experienced. Here is an extract of that FAQ, which lists the most important issues you may encounter :

Q: When I launched ff9, I just get a black screen. Why?
A: If you have a pal version of the game (australian, european, UK), you MUST patch the game in order to run it. (NB: Applying the UK patch on the Australian or NZ version of the game works perfectly). Since ePSXe v1.5.1, there is also the possibility to activate sub-channel reading, for more informations refer to the corresponding section in this help file.

Q: I can't see the battle menus!
A: Activate the Offscreen drawing with Pete's OGL/D3D plugin (enhanced mode would be the best choice) or Activate experimental screen flipping with Lewpy's Glide plugin.

Q: The screen becomes black, but I can still hear the music (or not). What's wrong?
A: There are two possibilities :
1) Using save/load states can sometimes cause this problem, load the game from the memory card and it should work fine.
2) If it isn't working, it could be MDecs related. Untick the "enable MDecs" box in ePSXecuttor to get past through this black screen then, you can tick it on again.

Q: When entering a battle, the "swirling effect" is very slow!
Petes' gpu pluggin: If your videocard isn't fast enough to display this effect, put the framebuffer textures to "black" which will disable the effect.
Lewpys' glide pluggin: Set framebuffer access to "disabled" and Off screen drawing to "basic". This disables the effect. or Set framebuffer access to "write" and off screen drawing to "extra+fbr". The swirl effects will still be enabled but won't slow down as much.

Q: I can't move the cursor at the "new game"/"continue" title screen.
A: While ingame, press F4 or F5 then F4.(also fixes most memcard problems)

Q: The entering battle scene just makes ePSXe crash.
A: Disable the "framebuffer read" box in the special game fixes.

Q: The MDecs and sound during them stutter and sound strange.
A: Make sure you didn't enable spu irq in both the epsxe sound options and the spu pluggin configuration. Enable spu irq in only one place. It is preferable to enable spu irq in the sound plugin configuration.

Q: When I try to enter the tornado to get into Cleyra, epsxe gets stuck at a black screen or crashes.
A: See the second question above.

If you got further troubles, checking out the ePSXe message board (find a link in the links section of this help help) is in general the best idea.