About drawing freeforms and curves

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About drawing freeforms and curves

The AutoShapes menu on the Drawing toolbar includes several categories of tools. In the Lines category, you can use the Curve, Scribble, and Freeform tools to draw lines, curves, and shapes that combine lines and curves.


Makes an object look as if you drew it with a pen. The resulting shape closely matches what you draw on the screen.

Object drawn with Scribble tool


Makes a more refined shape without jagged lines or drastic changes in direction

Object drawn with Freeform tool


Helps you draw curves with greater control and accuracy

Object drawn with Curve tool

Note   You can enhance freeforms and curves just as you can other AutoShapes — for example, you can add color or a pattern, change the line style, and flip or rotate them. However, you can't add text or convert a freeform or curve to another AutoShape.

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