Run Team Foundation Server Installation

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 v4

Follow these steps to run the Team Foundation Server installer. With this process, you copy Team Foundation Server to your file system and configure the features appropriate for your operating system and deployment.

For remote SharePoint Products deployments, you can use a special version of the installation program that installs only the Team Foundation Server extensions on the SharePoint Products server. This keeps the server running SharePoint Products tidy. You don't need to run this special installer on the server running Team Foundation Server, where the extensions are installed by default with most installations of Team Foundation Server.


If you have a remote portal for your SharePoint Products, you must install Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products on the remote portal. If multiple servers are running SharePoint Products in a web farm, you must install and configure these extensions on every server in that farm.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Administrators security group.

To run the Team Foundation Server installer

  1. Insert the Team Foundation Server DVD in the drive and launch the tfs_server.exe file to begin the installation.


    If you don't want to install all of Team Foundation Server on the server that is running SharePoint Products, launch the tfs_sharePointExtensions.exe file from the SharePoint Extensions folder to install only the Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products.

  2. On the license terms dialog box, accept the license terms and then choose Install Now. If you want to install Team Foundation Server to a specific location in the file system, choose the browse button (...) next to the default install location.

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