Testing SCXI Modules

NI IMAQ Measurement and Automation Explorer

Testing SCXI Modules

Use test panels to test the functionality of your SCXI module. To run test panels, complete the following steps:

  1. Expand Devices and Interfaces»NI-DAQmx Devices in the configuration tree.

    If you are using a remote RT target, expand Remote Systems, find and expand your target, and expand Devices and Interfaces»NI-DAQmx Devices.

  2. Expand the SCXI chassis. Right-click the module you want to test. Select Test Panels to display the test panel for the module.


    Select the module you want to test. Click Test Panels in the MAX toolbar.

    The test panel appears. You can view the available tests for the module by clicking the tabs near the top of the window.

    Click Help for more details about using the test panel.

  3. If a problem occurs with the module, the Error indicator turns red. The Error Details window shows detailed information about the error.
  4. Click Close when you are finished.