Adding SCXI Modules

NI IMAQ Measurement and Automation Explorer

Adding SCXI Modules

Note  Before you add an SCXI module, you must add an SCXI chassis.

To add an SCXI module, complete the following steps:

  1. Expand Devices and Interfaces»NI-DAQmx Devices.

    If you are using a remote RT target, expand Remote Systems, find and expand your target, and expand Devices and Interfaces»NI-DAQmx Devices.

  2. Right-click the SCXI chassis to which you want to add a module. Select Properties.


    Expand the SCXI chassis and right-click an empty slot. Select Insert.

  3. In the SCXI Chassis Configuration window, click the Modules tab. Select the module you want to add from the Modules drop-down listbox for the desired slot.
  4. Type the new device name in Device Name. Use only alphanumeric characters for the name. Do not use punctuation or spaces.
  5. Select a connected accessory from the Accessory drop-down listbox.
  6. Click Details to configure the module settings.
  7. Click OK when you are finished.