NI-DAQmx Simulated Devices

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NI-DAQmx Simulated Devices

You can create NI-DAQmx simulated devices in NI-DAQmx 7.4 or later. Using NI-DAQmx simulated devices, you can try NI products in your application without the hardware. When you later acquire the hardware, you can import the NI-DAQmx simulated device configuration to the physical device using the MAX Portable Configuration Wizard. With NI-DAQmx simulated devices, you also can export a physical device configuration onto a system that does not have the physical device installed. Then, using the NI-DAQmx simulated device, you can work on your applications on a portable system and upon returning to the original system, you can import your application.

Note  You can simulate the NI cDAQ-9172, but you cannot import or export the configuration of this device.
Note  NI-DAQmx simulated devices cannot be included in the same task with physical devices.

Refer to the following sections for details about creating, importing, and removing simulated devices.

Creating NI-DAQmx Simulated Devices

Importing a Physical Device as an NI-DAQmx Simulated Device

Importing an NI-DAQmx Simulated Device Configuration onto a Physical Device

Removing NI-DAQmx Simulated Devices