Calibrating DAQ Devices

NI IMAQ Measurement and Automation Explorer

Calibrating DAQ Devices

Calibrating a DAQ device consists of verifying the measurement accuracy of the device and adjusting for any measurement error. Complete the following steps to calibrate a device:

  1. Expand Devices and Interfaces»NI-DAQmx Devices in the configuration tree.

    If you are using a remote RT target, expand Remote Systems, find and expand your target, and expand Devices and Interfaces»NI-DAQmx Devices.

  2. Right-click the device you want to calibrate. Select Self-Calibrate.


    Select the device you want to calibrate. Click Self-Calibrate in the MAX toolbar.

A window reports the status of the calibration. The window closes when calibration is finished.

To see information on the latest self-calibration, click the Calibration tab at the bottom of the middle MAX pane.

Note  The self-calibrate option and calibration tab are only enabled for devices that support calibration.