Show or hide items

Office PivotTable Lists

Show or hide items

  • To show or hide the lower-level items of a specific item in the row or column axis, click the expand indicator (Plus box or Minus box box) next to the item.
  • To show or hide the lower-level items for all items in a row or column field, click the field label, and then click Expand Button image or Collapse Button image on the PivotTable list toolbar.


  • If the Plus box or Minus box box is not visible next to the item, select the Expand indicator check box on the Behavior tab of the Commands and Options dialog box. If after selecting the check box you don't see an expand indicator next to an item, the item might be at the lowest level available for the source data.

  • To show or hide details, select the item or field, and then click Show details Button image or Hide details Button image on the toolbar.