About getting help

Office PivotTable Lists

About getting help

In the browser, Help is available for users from within a PivotTable list. This run-time Help explains how to use the features and capabilities of PivotTable lists in the browser.

For users who have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later, and the Microsoft Office Web Components, Help specific to PivotTable lists is automatically available. The run-time Help is separate from the Help available from the browser's Help menu.

The PivotTable list Help topics provide general information for all users about using PivotTable lists in the browser. Other Microsoft Office Web Components, such as the Spreadsheet Component, also have their own separate Help available in the browser.

To see what Help is provided in the browser, create a PivotTable list on a Web page, open the Web page in Internet Explorer, click the PivotTable list, and then click Help Button image on the toolbar in the PivotTable list. In the Help window, you can view a table of contents and search the topic text. The Office Assistant is not available in the browser to answer questions.

Users who do not have the Office Web Components and Internet Explorer 5.01 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later do not have access to run-time Help.