About View-only mode for Office Web Components

Office PivotTable Lists

About View-only mode for Office Web Components

If you do not have a Microsoft Office 2003 software license installed on your computer or accessed via a Microsoft Office 2003 application, you can view a Microsoft Office Web Component— a Spreadsheet Component, Chart Component, or PivotTable Component— on a Web page, but you cannot interact with it.

To be able to interact with and use full functionality of the component you are viewing, you must install Microsoft Office 2003 or have access to an Office 2003 license. If you are in a corporate or group environment, check with your network administrator for assistance.

When you are in View-only mode, you can:

  • View data.
  • Print.
  • Select and scroll.
  • Use hyperlinks.
  • Resize a component.
  • Select sheets in the Spreadsheet Component.
  • Expand or collapse members in a PivotTable list.
  • Refresh data in a PivotTable list.
  • Use the About, Help, and Refresh commands. Help topics that deal with interactivity (such as formatting cells, dragging fields, sorting, filtering, and so on) do not apply.

All commands except About, Help, and Refresh are unavailable in View-only mode.