Change the default country/region

Microsoft Office Help

Change the default country/region

Changing the default country/region changes the standard settings for numbers, currencies, time, and date to those most commonly used for that country/region.

  1. On the Microsoft Windows Start menu, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

  2. Double-click the Regional Options or Regional Settings icon.

  3. In the Your locale (location) list, select the country/region you want to use as the default.

    If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000 and don't see the item you want, first select the check box next to the appropriate language in the Language settings for the system box. 

  4. Click OK, and then restart your program.

Note   When you change the country/region in the Your locale (location) list, settings, such as the format for displaying currency and date, may also change. Check all the tabs in the Regional Options dialog box to make sure they are correct.