Troubleshoot Web page options

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Troubleshoot Web page options

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Working with files and links

I don't want to keep my supporting files in a folder

I saved my Web page to a file server, and now some people can't find or view it

I moved my Web page to another location and now some of the links are broken

I can't automatically create a backup copy of my Web page

The name of a supporting folder for a Web page is in another language

The HTML file I want to edit opens in the wrong Office application

My Web page has the wrong title

Working with graphics

I see a red X, a blank image, or no image at all on my Web page

The graphics and text on my Web page look different on another computer

Specifying the language and fonts

My Web page is displaying the wrong characters for a language

Working with different Web browsers

My Web page doesn't look right in my Web browser