Using Favourites

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Using Favourites

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A Favourite is a collection of configuration values which can be used to provide quick access to commonly-used criteria. For example, if you frequently want to rename a bunch of pictures in one folder, and you frequently want to rename a bunch of sound files in another folder, then you could create two Favourites called Pictures and Sound Files. Each Favourite holds with it the selection criteria, rename criteria, and current folder.


When you launch the application for the first time you will not have any Favourites defined, but you can create favourites in the same was as you would create text files or pictures. Store them anywhere on your hard drive and use them as you wish.


Each individual Favourites file contains all the criteria you used to rename files. So for example, you could create a Favourite for renaming your pictures; a Favourite for stripping dodgy characters out of filenames etc. You can then recall these Favourites whenever you need them.


To use favourites, just use the Open and Save/Save As menu options in the same way as you would do in Word or Excel and other programs. When you choose to save a favourite, all the settings currently in place will be saved into that favourite. You can then recall these quickly, either from the Open command or by double-clicking a Favourite file in Windows Explorer. Favourites files have the file extension .bru.


If you have loaded a Favourite and made changes to it, but wish to revert back to the original version, then choose the Revert option on the File menu.