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Bulk Rename Utility

Getting Started

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Many users look at the screen and say "what do I do here?"! But Bulk Rename Utility is really very straightforward to use.


There are four simple golden rules to follows:


1.Only complete the boxes you are interested in, For example, don't assume you have to put something in the Regular Expressions box, or the New Location box, etc.
2.You have to select files before the Rename button is enabled.
3.The "new name" will always be shown in the list, so you can experiment until you get the desired result before actually committing the changes.
4.Almost all the boxes on the screen are ONLY for affecting the filename, NOT the extension. The ONLY box which affects the extension is Box 11.


So for example, if you just want to change the filename case to upper case, all you need to do is:


1.Change the dropdown in Box 4 to "Upper case".
2.Select the files you want to rename (Click the files, Shift+click to select a range, Ctrl+click, Ctrl-A etc.)
3.Press the rename button.


And that's it! No worrying about regular expressions, new folders, auto-numbers, dates etc. You only need to use the boxes you are interested in. Don't want to move the files to a new folder? Then leave the New Location fields blank. Don't want to change the filename case? Then leave the Case fields as their default values.


It really is very simple. Remember - only use the boxes you are interested in.