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If you right-click an item in the right hand window (e.g. a file folder) you will be presented with a Context menu (or "Shell" menu). You will see the standard Windows context menu (with options to Edit, Delete, Copy etc.), with four additional menu options in a new "Clipboard Copy" sub-menu. NB on certain "system" files and folders you will just see the Clipboard options.


The "Clipboard Copy" menu items allow you to copy various pieces of information, such as the filename or folder path, to the Windows clipboard.


Important Note:

Two important notes with regards to the Shell menu:


1.If you perform an operation on a file/folder using the Shell menu which changes the name of that file, or deletes the file, then this is not automatically reflected in Bulk Rename Utility. This avoids unnecessary rebuilding of the file listing.
2.If you are using the "sub-folders" option, and you select multiple files which span two or more folders, then the right-click context menu might give unpredictable results.