Recursive Scans

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Recursive Scans (processing sub-folders)

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It is possible to perform a recursive scan and rename from the current folder. This allows you to rename folders and files contained within any subdirectories from the current folder. Subdirectories of subdirectories are also scanned, right down to the lowest level.


This option needs to be treated with great care - if you scan a high-level folder such as C:\ or C:\Program Files then the program could have tens of thousands of files to scan. Whilst the system should cope with in excess of 250,000 files, you will go mad waiting for the screen to be displayed!


As such, it is recommended that you only use the Subfolders selection flag flag if you really need it.


Please note that, if you rename a folder whilst using the recursive option, after the rename is complete the file list will be refreshed automatically. This is to prevent problems whereby the file-list becomes out of synchronisation with the files on your hard drive. If you don't rename a folder (just files), or if you rename anything whilst not using the recursive option, then no refresh is necessary.