Bulk Rename Utility


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If you have any comments or suggestions about the application, or find any errors in the application, then please get in touch. The latest version of the application can always be downloaded from the website. If you aren't using the latest version then please upgrade before getting in touch, as your specific issue might already be addressed in the latest release.


Remember, the easiest way to find your way around the application is to experiment. You won't do any harm unless you hit the Rename button, so you can play around with as many settings as you like!


The application's homepage is at


The Support forums are available at the same website.


If you get in touch with a problem then please email the following details:

·Your version of Windows (e.g. 98SE, XP Home, Vista Ultimate, Windows 7, Windows Server, etc.)
·The version of the utility (found at Help -> About)
·How to recreate the problem. The more details you can include, the better chance I have of finding the problem.


Please use the support forums in the first instance - they have good search facilities and will be your quickest source of information.


Please don't send large screen prints unless requested - small screen prints are fine.