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Drag and Drop from Explorer

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Starting from version, you can now drag files and folders directly from within Windows Explorer. This means you can select files from anywhere on your computer and aggregate them all together, allowing you to rename them in a single operation.


To perform this task, launch Bulk Rename Utility in the normal way. Then launch Windows Explorer (or My Computer), and find the files or folders that you wish to process. Select all the files/folders and drag them over the Bulk Rename Utility "file list" window (you should see the icon change). Then let go of the mouse, and the files will be listed.


As this function is available for ANY Explorer window, you can even use the inbuilt Windows "Find" facility to find files on your computer (for example, all your Word documents) and then drag the files directly from the Search Results window.


It's important to note that when you drag the files/folders across, you are NOT performing any operations on those files. You have not moved those files! You are simple displaying them in the Bulk Rename Utility window for subsequent processing.


Note that any files/folders you drag on the window will be added to the list of files/folders already there. If you instead wish to show ONLY the files you are dragging then simple hold down the CTRL key when you let go of the mouse button.