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When you install Bulk Rename Utility you have the option of installing "Context" menus. If you choose this option (recommended), you will find a new Bulk Rename Here facility when you right-click a file or folder within Windows Explorer. Selecting this option will launch Bulk Rename Utility, and will automatically select the folder you right-clicked (or the parent folder, if you right-clicked a file). This provides quick access to the utility.


If you are using the Favourites facility, and you have selected the option to automatically save Favourites upon exit, then please be aware that the folder name stored against the favourite will become the folder you right-clicked.


For reasons of performance, if you use the Bulk Rename Here right-click function then the Sub-folders flag will be unticked, regardless of its stored setting. This is to prevent situations where you choose a high-level folder (e.g. C:\) without realising that a recursive directory search is about to be performed. The note regarding Favourites above also applies here.



Doing It Manually


If you wish to enable or disable the Bulk Rename Here helper manually, it's easy to do. Assuming you installed Bulk Rename Utility into C:\Program Files\Bulk Rename Utility then you need to get a command line (Start, Run, cmd) and enter the following:


regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Bulk Rename Utility\BRUHere.dll"



You can remove the helper in a similar way:


regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Bulk Rename Utility\BRUHere.dll"