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Xface Core Library File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
ApplicationBase.hBase for application dev classes
BmpFile.hBMP file loader for textures
DeformableGeometry.hDeformation enabled geometry class
Drawable.hStores the information for drawable objects
Entity.hRepresents an entity visible in the scene, includes drawables, ai, etc.
FaceBase.hMain face object
FapFile.hMPEG-4 FAPs loader from disk
FDP.hFDP information is here
FDPFile.hFDP file streaming
FDPItem.hFDP item data representation
FDPLoader.hFDP Loader
FDPWriter.hFDP Writer
Geometry.hDefines interface for the mesh geometry
IFapStream.hInterface for MPEG-4 FAPs streaming
IInfluenceCalculator.hInterface for deforming indexed face set meshes
IModelLoader.hBase class for the scene graph loaders
IndexedFaceSet.hIndexed mesh geometry implemented
InfluenceCalculatorMaker.hInfluenceCalculator pluggable factory maker
IRenderer.hInterface for renderer
ISound.hSound player interface
ITexture.hBase class for texture mapping
ITextureFile.hInterface for image file loaders for textures
ITextureLoader.hBase class for texture loading to any API
ITimedController.hABS for timed controllers
ITimer.hTimer interface
KeyframeInterpolator.hKeyframe interpolation done here
Matrix4.h4x4 Matrix class
MeshManager.hMeshes are stored and managed here
ModelCamera.hCamera class
ModelFileFactory.h3d Models are loaded through here
MorphController.hMorph targets controller
MorphTarget.hMorph target definition
NamedObj.hUtility class for named classes
Notification.hNotification message to server for remote communication
OBJLoader.hWavefront OBJ loader
RaisedCosInfluence.hRaised Cosine deformation
Ray3.hRay representation in 3D
Rectangle.hRectangle representation
RendererGL.hOpenGL renderer
RenderList.hRender list storing Drawables and calling proper IRenderer methods
Task.hTask related
TaskHandlerBase.hTask handler base
Texture2D.h2D texture mapping
TextureLoaderGL.hLoads the textures into OpenGL
TextureManager.hTextures are stored and managed here
TgaFile.hTGA file loader for textures
Transform.hTransform node for scenegraph
Vector3.h3D Vector class
VertexStruct.hVertex structures are here
VRML1Loader.hVRML1 Loader
VRML97Loader.hLoads VRML97 files
XercesString.hXerces string operations
XLineSegment.hRepresentation of a 3D line segment
XMath.hIntersection related functions
XMLUtils.hXML related functions
XTriangle.hTriangle representation

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