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XMath::Vector3 Class Reference

#include <Vector3.h>

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Detailed Description

Koray Balci
April 2002
Class that represents a vector in 3D, and necessary mathematical operations.
A small bit of advice can be usage of *=, +=, -= instead of *, +, - for optimization purposes. Because, each time the latter versions are called, a new Vector3 object is created, and returned.

Public Member Functions

Vector3operator/= (float scalar)
 /= operator overloaded for scalar division
Vector3 operator/ (float scalar) const
 / operator overloaded for scalar division
Vector3 operator- () const
 Negation operation overloaded.
Vector3operator-= (const Vector3 &rhs)
 -= operator overloaded
Vector3operator+= (const Vector3 &rhs)
 += operator overloaded
Vector3 operator- (const Vector3 &rhs) const
 subtraction operator overloaded
Vector3 operator+ (const Vector3 &rhs) const
 + operator overloaded
Vector3normalize (float tolerance=1e-06)
 Unitize the current vector.
float lengthSqr () const
 Computes square of magnitude of the vector.
float length () const
 Computes magnitude of the vector.
Vector3operator *= (const float scalar)
 *= operator for scalar multiplication
Vector3 operator * (const float scalar) const
 * operator for scalar multiplication
Vector3 unitCross (const Vector3 &rhs) const
 Cross Product with a unit vector output.
Vector3 cross (const Vector3 &rhs) const
 Cross Product.
float dot (const Vector3 &rhs) const
 Dot Product.
bool operator!= (const Vector3 &rhs) const
 != operator overloaded
bool operator== (const Vector3 &rhs) const
 == operator overloaded
Vector3operator= (const Vector3 &rhs)
 = operator overloaded
 Vector3 (const Vector3 &pCopy)
 Copy Constructor.
 Vector3 (const float ix, const float iy, const float iz)
 Additional Constructor.
 Vector3 ()
 Default Constructor.
 ~Vector3 ()
 operator float * ()
 float* type cast operator
 operator const float * () const
 const float* type cast operator

Public Attributes

float x
 x component in 3D space
float y
 y component in 3D space
float z
 z component in 3D space

Member Function Documentation

Vector3 & XMath::Vector3::normalize float  tolerance = 1e-06  )  [inline]

Makes the current Vector a unit vector.

tolerance If the actual magnitude is smaller than this value, unitizing cannot be done, and a value of 0 magnitude is returned.
Returns the old magnitude (or 0 if too small before) of the vector

Vector3 XMath::Vector3::unitCross const Vector3 rhs  )  const [inline]

A special version of cross multiplicatio that returns a unit vector as a result. Might be handy for lighting calculations especially.

A unit vector perpendicular to the plane defined by this vector and the vector passed as parameter.

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