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XFace::IFapStream Class Reference

#include <IFapStream.h>

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Detailed Description

Koray Balci
June 2003
Interface for the FAP streaming. This base class defines the methodology to access FAP stream. Derived classes may include disk access and network streaming to load the FAPs to this interface.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool isEnd () const =0
 query open
virtual bool isOpen () const =0
 query open
virtual bool open (std::istream &, const FAPU &)=0
 open/read the stream
virtual void next ()=0
 Advance to the next FAP.
virtual void rewind ()=0
 Rewind to the first FAP.
virtual size_t getFAPCount () const =0
 Retrieves FAP count.
float getVersion () const
 Retrieve file version.
short getFPS () const
 Retrieve number of frames per second.
const std::vector< float > & getCurrentFAP () const
 Retrieve current FAP.

Protected Attributes

std::vector< float > m_currentFAP
 current FAP value
short m_FPS
 Number of frames per second to render.
float m_version
 Version of the file.

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