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XFaceApp::Notification Class Reference

#include <Notification.h>

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Detailed Description

Koray Balci
June 2004
Notification objects are used for communication between the client and the server. Server always sends clients messages as Notification objects translated to XML strings. Every Notification object represents the status of a Task object (only ERROR notification is a small exception to that). So, owner and task ID properties are the same as of Task object's.

Public Types

enum  TaskStatus {
  kUnknown = 0, kQueued, kStarted, kFinished,
  kDiscarded, kInProgress, kInQueue, kError

Public Member Functions

 Notification (const std::string &name, unsigned short owner=0, unsigned int task=0)
 Creates a Notification with default values for the given name as parameter.
 Notification (const Task &task, const TaskStatus &status)
 Creates Notification for the given Task.
void setStatus (TaskStatus status)
TaskStatus getStatus () const
unsigned short getOwnerID () const
unsigned long getTaskID () const
const std::string & getName () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Notification error ()
 In case of unknown errors, we use this canned method that creates an error notification.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum XFaceApp::Notification::TaskStatus

Status/Fate of the task can be one of these.

kUnknown  Who knows what happened to the poor task, used for initialization only/usually.
kQueued  Acknowledgement notification sent immediately after the Task is received & queued.
kStarted  Task is started, notify the Task owner.
kFinished  Task is finished, notify the Task owner.
kDiscarded  Task is discarded (very unprobable) by some overriding task.
kInProgress  Client querried the task, and it is actually in progress at the moment.
kInQueue  Client querried the task, and it is still in task queue.
kError  Something went wrong somewhere.

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