Verify Mirror Disk


Verify Mirror Disk

    For RAID 1 (Mirror Array) and RAID 0+1, to provide fault tolerance, useful data on all Mirror disks must be the same with their corresponding Source disks. By executing the Verify Mirror Disk command, you can check/verify if Mirror disks are synchronized with their corresponding Source disks. 

    To verify a Mirror disk, you can right click the Mirror disk in Array View, then click Verify Mirror on the shortcut menu, as following picture shows: 

    You can also right click the root node of a RAID1 or RAID0+1 array, then execute Verify Mirror or Verify All Mirror Disks from the shortcut menu, as following pictures show:


    After initiated verification command, a dialog will show the information about current Source-Mirror disk pair being verified, and the progress of current verification process:

    The verification process can be paused or canceled at any time.

     When verification finds a Mirror disk that is NOT identical with the corresponding Source disk, the Mirror disk will be marked with need-sync flag, whose icon displayed in the Array View will look like . A need-sync Mirror disk should be synchronized as soon as possible. For  instructions on how to synchronize a Mirror disk, please refer to Synchronize Mirror Disk .