Purchasing & Registering SendGuard

The evaluation copy of SendGuard version will run for 30 days after installation. The evaluation version is identical to the full version but will get disabled after 30 days.

After that you will need to register the program to continue using this powerful application.

To purchase your own licensed copy of SendGuard:

Go to our website

Follow the instructions on the web site to purchase a license and complete registration.

Registering SendGuard
After you have purchased a license to unlock SendGuard, you will be sent an e-mail with your unlock code.
Print out a copy of the e-mail with the unlock code.

1. Restart Microsoft Outlook. The evaluation screen will be displayed. (If this screen is not displayed, you may need to restart your Computer as Windows sometimes keeps a hidden copy of Outlook running)
2. Click the Register button.
3. Enter your registered name and unlock code EXACTLY as shown in the e-mail. Pay particular attention to spaces and capitalization.
4. Click OK. The Activate SendGuard screen will open up.
5. Select a method to use for Activating SendGuard.
6. Click OK to activate SendGuard and to continue using SendGuard.

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