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Why SendGuard?

SendGuard prevents embarrassing mistakes that can make your emails look unprofessional and waste your valuable time.

How does SendGuard work?

SendGuard is an Outlook addin that works inside Outlook so that you can continue to work the same way you always have. It will automatically check all emails as they are being sent and warn you if it detects a potential problem.

  • It looks for clues that you meant to attach a document and warns you if you didn’t.
  • It warns you if you click “Reply” on a message with multiple recipients.
  • It asks for confirmation when you click Reply-All. You can adjust this setting so that it warns you only when you were BCC’d.
  • It warns you if the subject is blank. A message with a blank subject is more likely to get caught in a spam filter.
  • (For users with multiple email accounts) When you email someone for the first time, it’ll ask you if you want to establish the address from which you’re sending the message as your preferred sender account for that person. In the future, you’ll receive a warning if you try to email that person from a different email address.
  • You can set up a delay for all outbound email or outbound email to certain addresses so that you can change your mind about what you wrote before it’s too late.
  • It gets confirmation from you before sending your emails to all or selected recipients.

How Easy Is SendGuard To Use?

SendGuard takes almost no time to learn.

Just compose and send your e-mails like you have always done.

Whenever you click Reply, Reply To All or Send, SendGuard checks the email and then takes appropriate action as needed.

It is as easy as this to get started using SendGuard.

System requirements: SendGuard works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.

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