Photon Unity Networking: TypedLobbyInfo Class Reference

Photon Unity Networking

Inherits TypedLobby.

Public Member Functions

override string ToString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TypedLobby
 TypedLobby ()
 TypedLobby (string name, LobbyType type)
override string ToString ()

Public Attributes

int PlayerCount
int RoomCount
- Public Attributes inherited from TypedLobby
string Name
 Name of the lobby this game gets added to. Default: null, attached to default lobby. Lobbies are unique per lobbyName plus lobbyType, so the same name can be used when several types are existing. More...
LobbyType Type
 Type of the (named)lobby this game gets added to More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from TypedLobby
static readonly TypedLobby Default = new TypedLobby()
- Properties inherited from TypedLobby
bool IsDefault [get]

Member Function Documentation

override string TypedLobbyInfo.ToString ( )

Member Data Documentation

int TypedLobbyInfo.PlayerCount
int TypedLobbyInfo.RoomCount
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