Photon Unity Networking: Region Class Reference

Photon Unity Networking

Public Member Functions

 Region (CloudRegionCode code)
 Region (CloudRegionCode code, string regionCodeString, string address)
override string ToString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CloudRegionCode Parse (string codeAsString)

Public Attributes

CloudRegionCode Code
string Cluster
 Unlike the CloudRegionCode, this may contain cluster information. More...
string HostAndPort
int Ping

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Region.Region ( CloudRegionCode  code)
Region.Region ( CloudRegionCode  code,
string  regionCodeString,
string  address 

Member Function Documentation

static CloudRegionCode Region.Parse ( string  codeAsString)
override string Region.ToString ( )

Member Data Documentation

string Region.Cluster

Unlike the CloudRegionCode, this may contain cluster information.

CloudRegionCode Region.Code
string Region.HostAndPort
int Region.Ping
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