Photon Unity Networking: PhotonTransformViewScaleControl Class Reference

Photon Unity Networking

PhotonTransformViewScaleControl Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PhotonTransformViewScaleControl (PhotonTransformViewScaleModel model)
Vector3 GetNetworkScale ()
 Gets the last scale that was received through the network More...
Vector3 GetScale (Vector3 currentScale)
void OnPhotonSerializeView (Vector3 currentScale, PhotonStream stream, PhotonMessageInfo info)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PhotonTransformViewScaleControl.PhotonTransformViewScaleControl ( PhotonTransformViewScaleModel  model)

Member Function Documentation

Vector3 PhotonTransformViewScaleControl.GetNetworkScale ( )

Gets the last scale that was received through the network

Vector3 PhotonTransformViewScaleControl.GetScale ( Vector3  currentScale)
void PhotonTransformViewScaleControl.OnPhotonSerializeView ( Vector3  currentScale,
PhotonStream  stream,
PhotonMessageInfo  info 
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