Specific Software Components

Intel Express Installer

Specific Software Components

Available software using Intel Express Installer can include any of the following components:

  • Express Installer CD-based drivers.

  • Express Installer CD-based utilities and applications.

  • Downloaded driver updates (if available) using Intel’s Download Center.

  • Downloaded utility and application updates (if available) using Intel’s Download Center.

Additional detailed information about these components can exist in the following formats:

  • As vendor supplied documents (either available before installation or extracted during the installation process).

  • As driver or application specific readme files obtained with the downloaded component.

  • As text in the Intel Express Installer Readme.txt file (located at the root of CD) with additional installation notes.

  • As an information link to the Internet, provided by specific vendor(s).

Some components may show up disabled in the list of software to install if any of the following occurs:

  • The system cannot detect the device.  Check report file for detected devices.

  • The computer's operating system does not support the software component or you may need to update your operating system with a more recent version.

  • A dependant item that this component requires for installation is not available or selected.

  • You may need to check driver settings in the system BIOS to verify that they are enabled.

  • The component cannot be installed automatically by Intel Express Installer.  Refer to the Readme.txt file for any step-by-step instructions on manual installation.