CD Files and Directories

Intel Express Installer

CD Files and Directories

In general, each Intel Express Installer CD has the following directory organization:

  • Dataset folder -- Contains specific desktop board related XML files.

  • Documents folder -- Contains the desktop board's product guide, marketing information, and warranty in Adobe* Acrobat* format (some in various languages).

  • Software folder -- Contains all subdirectories that contain bundled software applications and drivers. ¬†Refer to the Readme.txt file for specific utilities and applications included on this CD.

User files include the following:

  • EIhlpnnnn.chm file -- Help file (in various languages) for the Intel Express Installer CD.

  • Licensennnn.rtf file -- License information (in various languages) for the Intel Express Installer CD.

  • Readme.txt file -- Provides information on specific CD-based components and drivers with any last minute errata.

Note that other program-specific files and folders may exist for specific versions of Intel desktop board products.