Intel Express Installer


The software on the CD must be installed on a computer that contains an Intel desktop board (an Intel motherboard) with one of the compatible operating systems listed in the Readme.txt file.

NOTE: If your system's operating system is excluded, the software selection will appear grayed out in the product listing table.

NOTE: Installation on some operating systems require that a user either be logged in as an Administrator or have Administrator privileges.

NOTE: If your system has other running applications that could prevent a system reboot, please close those applications before starting any installation.  This helps prevent loss of unsaved data.

Additional Operating System Information

Although we attempt to support a wide range of operating system versions, some components or products on this CD may require the optimal or most recent version of the operating system.

Some drivers and applications (components) included on this CD may not be supported on all operating systems.  To avoid confusion, the Install Software screen automatically filters its list of supported components based on the detected operating system.

Other Operation Comments and Issues

  • To prevent slow or unstable program operation when installing software from the Intel Express Installer CD, only one user should access the computer.  Do not use any fast user switching features.

  • If more than one CD or DVD drive exists on the system, ALWAYS use the "original" CD/DVD drive for the session's installations with the Intel Express Installer CD.  Otherwise, a "File not found" error message could appear.  For example, if two CD/DVD drives exist on a system (F: and G:) and you place the Intel Express Installer CD into the G: drive, then always use G: for that CD session.