Install Software Screen

Intel Express Installer

Install Software Screen

To start, click the Install Software button on the blue selection channel.  The Install Software screen displays the following:

  • The product listing table provides information on previously installed software and new versions available on the CD for installation.  The displayed information (in an expanded or compressed tree view) can include classifications such as drivers, software, utilities, and applications.  Product names and their current status appear under the Component and Status columns.  A short description of individual components appear when moving the mouse cursor over the specific component name.  Status information that includes software version appears when moving the mouse cursor over the status text for each component as shown in the Selecting Items topic.

  • Buttons for Defaults and Install Now operations are shown at the bottom of the screen.
    The Defaults button restores the recommended checkbox selections when the CD was first run on the system.  Any other selections made will be removed when clicking this button.
    The Install Now button starts installation for all component products with check mark selection.  For more information on installation, see Install Status and Sequence.

  • The maximum number of reboots, install time, and required/available hard drive space appears at the bottom of the screen, below the Defaults and Install Now buttons.  For more information, see Install Status for Reboots, Time and Space.