Options Screen

Intel Express Installer

Options Screen

To setup option settings, click the Options button on the blue selection channel.  The Options screen provides the following information:

  • Autologon area for a user to enter a specific user ID and password using Name, Password, and Confirm Password fields (when the Enable Autologon checkbox is checked).  This information is used for continuous unattended installation when reboots are required.

  • Installation area for a user to enable restore points by adding a checkmark in the Set Windows* System Restore Point checkbox.   If enabled, a minimum of two restore points will be created; one before driver/application installation and one after completion of the driver/application installation.  Refer to the Microsoft* operating system help file for more information on restore points.

Note: If the checkbox for Set Windows System Restore Point is grayed out:
1 – Click on the computer's Start menu.
2 – Then click on the Control Panel icon.
3 – Click on the System icon to bring up the System Properties window.
4 – Then click on the System Restore tab.  
5 – Remove any checkmark from the Turn off System Restore for all drives checkbox.

Note: Restore points are not available for systems based on the Windows 2000 operating system.

  • An Apply button at the bottom of the screen.  Clicking this button activates any customized settings specified on the Options screen.  If needed, restart the Intel Express Installer program to return to the initial default settings.

  • A Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.  Clicking this button clears any settings entered on the Options screen prior to clicking the Apply button.