Selecting Items

Intel Express Installer

Selecting and Viewing Items

Selecting Items

Select items in the blue selection channel and product listing tables by one of the following methods:

  • Click on the desired item with the mouse.  Note that the component view can be expanded or compressed as a tree structure by clicking on the plus ( + ) or minus ( - ) signs to the left of the folder icon.

  • Use the keyboard to Tab forward or down for highlighting product/component listings, buttons, or tasks.  Press Enter to check or uncheck the listing, click the selected button, or initiate the task’s function.

  • Use the Shift-Tab key to go backward or up through the previously described items.

Viewing Component Descriptions and Status

To view descriptions in the product listing table, position the mouse cursor over a component or select a component.  First a short description and then a slightly delayed long description appear below the component listing as tool-tip text.  For example:

Note: The wording, "Interaction Required" will appear in the tool-tip when the component requires user action during the installation process.   This component listing will also appear in a different color.

To view status and version of an installed software component, place the mouse cursor over the green text under the Status column of the product listing table.  Tool-tip text appears that lists the version installed on the system and the version available on the CD or website.  For example:

Viewing Help

Use the mouse to view information.  To navigate help file contents with the keyboard, use the left/right Arrow keys to open/close topics and the up/down Arrow keys to move to new topics.  Press Enter to view selected topics.