Button Descriptions

Intel Express Installer

Button Descriptions

Blue Selection Channel

Refer to Choices on the Blue Selection Channel topic for more information on the following buttons:

  • Install SW

  • Documents

  • Options

  • Reports

  • Browse CD

  • Special Offers

  • Regional Software

  • Download Center

  • Help

Some screens accessed by button choices above include the following additional buttons:

Install Software Screen

The following buttons are located at the bottom of the Install Software screen:

  • Defaults -- Restores the recommended checkbox selections when the CD was first run on the system.  Any other selections made will be removed when clicking this button.

The button appears blue when a selection exists. or
The button appears gray when no selection exists.

NOTE: Installation on some operating systems require that the user either be logged in as an Administrator or have Administrator privileges.

NOTE: If your system has other applications running that could prevent a system reboot, please close those applications before clicking the Install Now button.  Also remove any floppy disks from the system drive.

Options Screen

The following buttons are located at the bottom of the Options screen:

  • Apply -- Activates any customized settings specified on the Options screen.  If needed, restart the Intel Express Installer program to return to the initial default settings.  Refer to the Options screen for more information.

  • Cancel -- Clears any settings entered on the Options screen prior to clicking the Apply button.

Reports Screen

The following buttons are located at the bottom of the Report screen:

  • Save As -- Saves a status report to a Unicode formatted text file through a standard SAVE AS window.  Default file storage location is normally your default Windows* download directory (such as Desktop or My Documents).

  • Print -- Prints a System Information Report if a printer is attached to the system.