Wonderware's Anti-Piracy Program

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Wonderware's Anti-Piracy Program

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The Business Software Alliance is a global organization with the primary purpose of investigating and assisting in the prosecution of software pirates. Many software companies are members including Microsoft, AutoDesk, and Novell. According to the Business Software Alliance, software piracy accounts for more than $12.8 billion in lost revenues annually. Copying software is not only illegal at both the civil and criminal level, it is also costly!

To address this problem, Wonderware has established an Anti-Piracy Program to ensure that Wonderware and its sales channel receive appropriate revenues from the sale and use of Wonderware products. The Wonderware Anti-Piracy Program consists of anti-piracy educational seminars, an ongoing study of how our software products are being used in the industry, a legal department dedicated to prosecuting illegal use of software, a financial reward to helpful individuals who identify software piracy that leads to prosecution and/or fines, and several ways to contact Wonderware about suspected software piracy.

If you know of, or believe you know of an organization or an individual committing software piracy, please let us know. With this information we can investigate and determine whether the case in question is indeed a case of piracy and determine what appropriate legal actions need to be taken.

If you would like more information about Wonderware's Anti-Piracy Program see our Web site listed below, if you would like to contact Wonderware Corporation concerning a possible case of software piracy, you can reach us though our Web site:

Phone: 949-450-5058 (Confidential piracy hotline. This phone number is located in the United States.)

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.wonderware.com (Use our web site Search field by typing in the word "piracy," or click on Contact Us.)