WWSUITE.LIC License File

FactorySuite 2000

WWSUITE.LIC License File

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For FactorySuite 2000, licensing is enforced for all Wonderware products through the use of a single license file, WWSUITE.LIC. When you buy a Wonderware product, customer information, product data and functionality, the serial number, and so on is included in this license file.

The WWSUITE.LIC license file is distributed on a floppy diskette. You must install the license file using the FactorySuite 2000 License Utility. This utility can also be used to view the details of the license file.

In order to view or manage license files, you must have administrative rights for the folder(s) in which the license files reside. For example, if you want to install a license file in a folder on a network computer, your network user account must have administrative rights for that folder. This provides a level of security since only the network administrator or someone with similar rights can manage FactorySuite licensing.