Upgrading from FactorySuite 1000

FactorySuite 2000

Upgrading from FactorySuite 1000

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For FactorySuite 1000, each product's licensing information was located in a separate product .LIC file. For example, INTOUCH.LIC, INTRACKD.LIC, IB_SERV.LIC, and so on. When a FactorySuite 1000 license file is upgraded to support FactorySuite 2000, a new single FactorySuite 2000 license file (WWSUITE.LIC) is created at Wonderware and shipped to the end user.

The separate FactorySuite 1000 license files are translated to feature lines within the WWSUITE.LIC license file. This includes all customer information, product data and functionality, customer types, hardware key serial numbers, license file expiration dates for consignment systems, and so on.

The serial number for each FactorySuite 1000 license file is consolidated into a single FactorySuite 2000 serial number for the WWSUITE.LIC license file.

Comment lines for each FactorySuite 1000 license file are merged into a single comment line in the WWSUITE.LIC license file. FactorySuite 1000 comment lines include information for the part description, software component functionality, part number, and serial number. The FactorySuite 2000 license component comment line includes the part description, features enabled, a single part number, and serial number.


If you upgrade from an 32K tag InTouch system for FactorySuite 1000 (both development and runtime) the license file will be modified to support the full 60K tag system.