Proper Use of Licensing

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Proper Use of Licensing

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Purchasers of software do not actually own the intellectual property of the software. Instead, they are buying the right to use the software according to the terms and conditions of the license agreement and the license enforcement mechanism. Wonderware software is licensed using a "soft" license, a "soft" license locked to a hardware key (dongle), or a paper license. All legal software is supplied with a license.

To be certain you are legally entitled to use the software, please examine the license. There are three "tokens" of the right to use the software: the license file, the license file locked to a dongle, or the paper grant of license.

The license file is typically delivered on a 3-1/2" floppy disk with a Wonderware label. The label displays a teal-colored FS2000 logo in the upper left corner and contains the following information: Product Description, Part Number, Serial Number, Version Number, and User Company Name. Also, you should not have any licenses with the same identical serial number installed on multiple PCs. Licenses with the same serial number installed on multiple PCs is an indication of illegal copies. The exception to this is special Site Licensed Products.

A paper grant of license is used for the following FactorySuite components: FactoryFocus Site, IndustrialSQL CAL, IndustrialSQL Internet Connector, Scout, Crystal Reports and the FactorySuite Toolkit. Paper licenses are also used for Microsoft products that are embedded with Wonderware components, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Client Access License.

Wonderware Corporation is a group of professionals providing software to other professionals. You expect great software from us, and we expect you to use the software in accordance with the legal implications of licensing. This business relationship between software supplier and software user enables Wonderware to continue providing software to help meet your needs.

The term "software piracy" has been used to describe illegal deployment of software. A more descriptive term would be "theft." Wonderware asks you to only use software in the manner in which it is licensed and to set a high licensing compliance standard for other professionals in our industry. Do not steal software.

For information on Wonderware's Anti-Piracy Program, or if you suspect software piracy, see Wonderware's Anti-Piracy Program.