Starting the License Utility

FactorySuite 2000

Starting the License Utility

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  • To start the License Utility:

  1. Install the product(s) from the FactorySuite CD or over the network.

  2. Start the License Utility by doing any of the following:

    • Insert the license diskette into your floppy drive. On the Start menu on the Windows Taskbar, select Run. In the dialog box, type a:\install.

    • On the Start menu on the Windows Taskbar, point to Programs, Wonderware FactorySuite, then to Common, and then select License Viewer.

    • Launch the License Utility from any FactorySuite application by selecting the About command on the Help menu and then clicking View License.

  1. The License Utility main window appears.

The License Utility's main window consists of the toolbar, status bar, browser, License Components window, and Results window.

To exit the License Utility, click Exit on the File menu.