Searching the Entire Network

FactorySuite 2000

Searching the Entire Network

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If you don't know which computers have license files, you can search the entire network and build a list that will be displayed in the browser.

  • To search the network for computers with license files:

  1. On the Search menu, select Network or, click the Licview00000009.gif tool. The Search Network dialog box appears.

  2. In the Available Network Resources window, highlight the name of the domain for which you want to search for computers having license files.

  3. Click the Licview00000010.gif button to display all of the computers on that domain in the Search Criteria window. The computers in the Search Criteria list are computers that will be searched for license files.

  4. To exclude a computer from the search, select the computer in the Search Criteria window and click the Licview00000011.gif button.

  5. To clear the Search Criteria window, click Reset All.

  6. To start searching for computers that have license files, click Search.

For a remote computer, the License Utility determines if it has a valid license file installed by examining the Wonderware$ share. For the local computer, the License Utility determines if it has a valid license file by reading the license path in the Registry.

A message will be displayed along the bottom of the dialog box that indicates the status of the search (for example: 2 out of 147 searched).

  1. To stop the search at any time, click Stop.

When the search is complete, all computers that have license files installed will be listed in the browser of the License Utility.

To clear the browser of any searched computers, on the File menu, select Clear Tree.