Installing a License

FactorySuite 2000

Installing a License

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Use the License Utility to select the license you want to install from the source location, which can be either a floppy drive or a network folder. If a license file does not already exist on the destination computer, one will be created that will be identical to the license file from the source location. If a license file already exists, you have a choice to either overwrite or append the new license file's component and feature line information to the existing license file. The license file in the source location will not be deleted at the end of the install.

  • To install a license file:

  1. On the File menu, select Install License File or click the Licview00000012.gif tool. The Choose a License File to Install dialog box appears.

  2. Locate and select the license file (.LIC) you want to install and then, click Open. The Destination Computer for Installation dialog box appears.

  3. In the Domain box, type the name of the domain in which the computer resides.

  4. In the Computer box, type the name of the computer on which you want to install the license file.

  5. Click OK.

If an existing license file exists, the Installing a License File dialog box appears.

  1. To overwrite the license file, click Overwrite. To append the new license file information to the existing license, click Append.

  2. The results of the installation will be displayed in the Results window.