Installing Multiple License Components on a Single Computer

FactorySuite 2000

Installing Multiple License Components on a Single Computer

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The License Utility allows you to add different license components to a license file, enabling multiple products with different features for a single computer. The License Utility equates a product as a license component line with its associated feature lines in the license file.

For example, you buy InTouch and install its WWSUITE.LIC license file. Later, you buy InControl and install its WWSUITE.LIC license file on the same computer. The License Utility will append the contents of the InControl WWSUITE.LIC license file to the existing InTouch WWSUITE.LIC license file. This would allow you to run both products on the single computer. If you later wanted to run the products on separate computers, you would delete the InControl license component and then install the InControl license file on another computer.

If you attempt to install a license component to a license file that already contains the same license component, then the License Utility will ask whether you wish to overwrite or abort the installation.

There are some instances in which it is possible to have multiple license components that contain the same feature line. In these cases, the functionality for the first feature line listed in the license file is used.

For example, you buy FactorySuite and install the license file that enables it. You then buy a later version of InTouch (which supports more tags) and, using the License Utility, append its license file to your existing license file. You now have a license that contains two InTouch features lines: one for FactorySuite and one for the later version of InTouch. When InTouch is started, it will read the InTouch feature line for the FactorySuite to determine functionality, since it is listed first. To correct this, delete or move the FactorySuite license file, install the newer InTouch license file, and then append the FactorySuite license file to the InTouch license file.