Order of Upgrade Using a Direct Pipeline or Tape Drive

Installing SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

Order of Upgrade Using a Direct Pipeline or Tape Drive

The SQL Server Upgrade Wizard performs a version upgrade using the options specified. The Microsoft® SQL Server™ version 6.5 server and data used by SQL Server 6.5 databases are left intact throughout the version upgrade process. At this time, the SQL Server 6.5 catalog data, objects, and databases are converted so that they are compatible with SQL Server 2000. After the version upgrade is complete, SQL Server 2000 becomes your production system.

The order of upgrade is basically the same for both a direct pipeline and a tape drive upgrade. The one difference is in how data is exported and imported. When using a tape drive, data is exported to the tape drive after shutting down SQL Server 6.5 and before starting SQL Server 2000. This data is then imported from the tape drive later to SQL Server 2000. When using a direct pipeline, the export and import steps are combined in one step, simultaneously.

The following list shows the order in which the SQL Server Upgrade Wizard performs the upgrade from SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 2000. The differences between the direct pipeline and tape drive methods are noted.

  • Starts SQL Server 6.5

  • Updates ODBC and SQL-DMO components on SQL Server 6.5

  • Examines SQL Server 6.5 databases

  • Exports replication settings

  • Exports server configuration settings from the master database

  • Exports logon information

  • Exports database owners

  • Exports SQL Executive objects and settings from the msdb database

  • Exports database objects for all databases chosen

  • Shuts down SQL Server 6.5
    • Tape Drive only: Exports data to tape

    • Tape Drive only: Backs up and then deletes SQL Server 6.5 devices
  • Starts SQL Server 2000

  • Creates databases

  • Modifies SQL Executive objects and settings to SQL Server 2000 formats

  • Imports logon information

  • Imports database objects
    • Tape Drive only: Imports data from tape into SQL Server 2000

    • Direct Pipeline only: Simultaneously exports data from SQL Server 6.5 and imports it into SQL Server 2000
  • Imports modified SQL Executive objects and settings into SQL Server 2000

  • Imports replication settings

  • Examines SQL Server 2000 databases

  • Verifies that the upgrade is successful

  • Sets database options in SQL Server 2000

  • Marks server and databases as moved

  • Drops temporary tempdb files