Choose Licensing Mode

Installing SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

Choose Licensing Mode

Use this dialog box to set the licensing mode enabling your clients to access this instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™. SQL Server 2000 supports two client access licensing modes, one for each device and another for each processor.

A device in this context can be a workstation, terminal, or any other device running a SQL Server application connected to an instance of SQL Server.

A processor refers to a central processing unit (CPU) installed on a computer running an instance of SQL Server 2000. One computer may have multiple processors installed, requiring multiple processor licenses.

Once a licensing mode is set, you cannot change modes. You can add device or processor licenses after installing SQL Server, using the SQL Server 2000 Licensing Setup utility in Control Panel. (Do not confuse this licensing utility with the Windows Licensing utility, also found in Control Panel.)

For more information about licensing modes, see the Microsoft license agreement for SQL Server 2000.


Licensing Mode

If accessing this dialog box from Control Panel, the mode chosen during setup is selected by default, along with the number of devices or processors you have previously selected.

Per Seat for

The Per Seat licensing mode requires a Client Access License for each device that will access SQL Server 2000 Server. Per Seat is often more economical for networks in which clients connect to more than one server.

In the edit box, select the number of devices to license.

Processor License for

With Processor licensing, a license is needed for each processor installed on the computer running SQL Server. The Processor License allows any number of devices to access the server, whether through an Intranet or over the Internet.

Using Processor licensing, SQL Server 2000 can take advantage of each installed processor, and support an unlimited number of client devices. A customer that provides access to SQL Server databases over the Internet, or that has a large number of users, will generally choose the Processor License.

In the edit box, select the number of processors to license.


Click the Continue button to complete the installation process, or after modifying the number of devices or processors you want to license.