Authentication Mode

Installing SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

Authentication Mode

Use this screen to choose the security (authentication) mode you want to use for this installation of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000. If you select Mixed Mode, you are prompted to enter and confirm the system administrator password. After successful connection to SQL Server, the security mechanism is the same for both modes.


Windows Authentication Mode

When a user connects through a Microsoft Windows® user account, SQL Server validates the account name and password using information in the Windows operating system.

Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication)

Allows users to connect using Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. Users who connect through a Microsoft Windows user account can make use of trusted connections (connections validated by Windows) in either Windows Authentication Mode or Mixed Mode. SQL Server Authentication is provided for backward compatibility.

Add password for the sa login

Enter and confirm the system administrator password.

Blank Password (not recommended)

If a user attempts to connect to an instance of SQL Server providing a blank login name, SQL Server uses Windows Authentication. Additionally, if a user attempts to connect to an instance of SQL Server configured for Windows Authentication Mode using a specific login, the login is ignored and Windows Authentication is used.

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