Computer Name

Installing SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

Computer Name

The Computer Name dialog box in Setup allows you to install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 on your local computer, on a remote computer, or on a virtual server.

All options for installing and upgrading are available on the local computer. Advanced options, including registry rebuild, unattended installation, and upgrading to a cluster are not available on a remote installation. If you are running Setup on a clustered computer, the Virtual Server option is available.


Local Computer

By default, the name in the edit box is the local machine name, that is, the computer on which Setup is running. For a local installation, accept the default and click Next.

Note  If you are installing tools only, Local Computer will be the only option available on this dialog box.

Remote Computer

Enter a computer name for a remote installation, or click Browse to locate the remote computer.

Virtual Server

Enter the name of a new or existing Virtual SQL Server to manage.

This option is available only when Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) is detected on an Windows NT or Windows 2000 Enterprise operating system.


Click the Browse button to locate a remote computer.

This button is available only when the Remote Computer option is selected.

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