Installation Selection

Installing SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

Installation Selection

The Installation Selection screen is an initial screen in Microsoft® SQL Server™ Setup, where you select among three options for running the installation program.


Create a new instance of SQL Server, or install Client Tools

Creates a new installation of SQL Server 2000; either a default or named instance. In addition, this option allows you to install only client tools using the compact disc for any edition of SQL Server 2000, on any operating system other than Microsoft Windows® 95.

Upgrade, remove, or add components to an existing instance of SQL Server

Allows you to upgrade, remove, or add components to an existing instance of SQL Server. Existing instances include installations of earlier versions (SQL Server version 6.5 and SQL Server version 7.0) as well as instances of SQL Server 2000. For more information, see Existing Installation Options.

Advanced Options

Select advanced options for cluster maintenance, unattended setup, and registry rebuild.

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